TRU Talent Class Descriptions


Learn ballet movements, expression, rhythm, and terminology. Learn skills and exercises at barre and center that focus on strength and execution.


Learn tap-rhythm, timing, and terminology. Develop rhythm, style, and sound. Focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement. Learn combinations to all types of music.  

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Focus on learning proper dance technique such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality and developing complex rhythms and patterns through across the floor and center progressions. Learn various styles of jazz such as Contemporary, and Broadway to help develop a well-rounded dancer.

Hip Hop

Learn the latest styles of street dancing. Develop the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves with conditioning to strengthen the body and across the floor and center combinations to a variety of appropriate hip hop music. 


Learn the technical elements of
ballet incorporated with jazz. Learn how to express a wide range of emotions through dance based on musical interpretation. Focus on improving flexibility, extensions, core strength, and balance. Learn movements in center, across the floor, and routine combinations. 

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Drill Prep

Focuses on preparing for drill team
tryouts. This includes stretching to encourage flexibility, jazz technique, field routine techniques, kick line skills, and a variety of combinations that include pom, hip hop, military, contemporary, and lyrical. 


A fusion of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, and usually contains an emotional journey, or story. Combinations include improv, and technical elements in ballet, jazz, and modern.  

TRU Technique Leaps & Turns

A class created for the serious dancer who wishes to give extra attention to improving their technique. This class will focus on the proper execution of basic to advanced leaps and turns and will include leap combinations and turn sequences.

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Musical Theatre

A theatrical dance style that includes dance technique and acting to songs from broadways and musicals. This class will focus on a specific theme each month, practice scripts, song, and dance, as well as tips for auditioning. 

Combination Classes

Dancers in combination classes will be introduced and learn both styles/genres (ballet/tap, ballet/tumble, hip hop/jazz) terminology and skills. The overall emphasis is on having fun while learning coordination, rhythm, musical counting, self-confidence, development, and following directions. Dancers will be exposed to multiple movements and musical styles, and learn level appropriate combinations. Some classes incorporate the use of props such as hats, canes, scarves, and lots of imagination! 

Adult Classes

Designed for adults ages 18+ and focuses on a variety of dance styles and fitness. The main emphasis for this class is to have fun while getting in shape. This class moves at the pace of the dancers and includes styles in ballet, jazz, tap, and fitness.

TRU Flex & Core

This is a full body strength and core
conditioning class utilizing a variety of exercises and exercise equipment (at times). This class will target every muscle group while maintaining proper posture and technique followed by floor work and a complete body stretch to help flexibility, strengthen, and build proper technique for each dancer.

TRU FIT  has more emphasis on cross training to help build strength & endurance, using a variety of dance genres and patterns for both high and low impact movements. This class is for dancers working on increasing their abilities and endurance levels to maximize their performance & skills execution.